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me and car

Which came first the cars or the hair? For me I have been obsessed with hair since I started a salon in the 90s, but it wasn’t pin up curls and victory rolls at that point. I rocked some sweet ass dreadlocks in my 20s. When I had those dreads, I felt like I had mojo. IMG_0128-bnwThen I fell in love with my first BIG american car. A 1968 Cadillac Coupe Deville, which definitely started my obsession with the 60s. That coupled with my love of hair it was a natural transition to take my lovely locks to Victory Rolls and Bettie Paige bangs, eventually. It was about the time myspace got popular and the anonymity of the first social media platform, I felt pretty for the first time in my life. I had strangers backing that up for me and I became a little more extroverted. Another classic car (1963 Mercury Comet) later and I was hooked. NO more little plastic cars for me, but I wasn’t quite ready to lose the dreadlocks. Fast forward a few years and a new career later…


I suppose with that came the start of my true pin-up look, I cut my dreadlocks when I was 30 (although previous to that I swore I would be a grey granny with lovely locks) got my hair to grow long enough for bangs and had a sharp bob. It wasn’t traditional feminine from the mid-century, but it was close. The longer it got, the more I curled it and always rocking some “I Love Lucy” style dresses at work or jeans and a Tee when at home (I also lived in So Cal so black flip flops were a staple to my ripped jean casual look)…I had finally accepted my body and my style. A collage of all things that I love, granted I am not pin up every day…but there is always an element.

IMG_5444So once the dreads were off, the bangs were short and I discovered my what my dream car would be (early 60s Lincoln Continental with Suicide doors-nope don’t own one). The only thing that was missing from my life was a good man. As an “alternative traditional women” I am making that term up… we can discuss it in another convo… Anyways, I am excited to announce that good man came and we were wed. Previous to that I was just working on myself and career. Yes and yep you guessed it…my car!

That is the back story, in the present I am married to the man of my dreams…(@coachryerye ) We have 2 rats (Nova and Artie) and a rotation of fish, which I have not been able to keep alive long enough to remember their names. Currently cruising “or pushing” a 68 Plymouth Fury III, and spending much of my free time and money on her, “Lady”.  Speaking of money, this is how I make it…

pinupmerlefinalMost recently I owned a marketing company, Via Marketing LCC, but decided to close up shop and just do freelance work from now on.  I stay busy working with my current clients and helping Ryan with his children’s book, (I helped publish it) “Little Rye Rye’s Big Dream” or writing articles for this online magazine. Here are some of my talents…I am always looking to make a buck while doing what I have a passion for…

I am PR friendly if you have a good product…If you don’t know what that means…I blog for a living as long as I have something nice to say…

Social Media – I manage several instagram accounts, not to mention facebook and twitter.

Website – If you need a wordpress website, I can customize one for you that will look like a million bucks.

Crafting – Can’t say I make money at it…but I sure do love it.

Jill of All Trades… Master of None…not to say I am not good…but aside from singing I don’t think there is anything I can’t do if I set my mind to it!

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